I was born and raised in the state of South Carolina, and I've been making art my whole life. Ever since I was old enough to hold a pencil, I've been putting down marks and using my imagination to inform my art. Of course, we all have to grow up and establish ourselves, but that doesn't mean our childhood passions and dreams should disappear. This is what led me to Clemson as a Visual Arts major. My biggest goal in life is to do something that makes a difference - there would be nothing better than knowing that something I did made somebody smile or made a bad day a little bit better. I feel that my current career as a graphic designer helps me to accomplish that goal on a daily basis. 


After graduating with a BFA in May of 2020, I worked an assortment of freelance jobs and an internship with dpgw, an LA-based marketing agency. Since then, I've joined Levinsohn Textile, Inc. as a full time graphic designer. Day to day, I enjoy spending time with my miniature Australian Shepherd, Piper, and finding the next great place to eat. I also love exploring new places, visiting with friends and family, and getting familiar with my new home city, Charlotte, NC.