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Frank Lloyd Wright Licensed Products

In conjunction with Levinsohn Textile's sister company Edie@Home, I was given the opportunity to redesign Frank Lloyd Wright's licensed works for pillows, tote bags, and a special product line that is being sold to the Guggenheim. Working with such a high-caliber architect's files was an honor, and I'm proud to have been granted the privilege of working with the Frank Lloyd Wright licensing team. 

FLW Indoor Arrangement INDOOR.jpg

Pyvot Branding, Web, and Product Design

Pyvot is a brand that I have worked on ever since I joined Levinsohn Textile. I've worked with Pyvot in more capacities than I can list, but my personal favorite roles are in product design and web design. The hats, t-shirts and water bottles are my responsibility and will be launching soon. The website, which just launched, was my primary job. I formatted and edited all the images, helped with layout design and copy, formatting for mobile, and more. You can see the site live at

Screen Shot 2022-10-16 at 3.35.36 PM.png

Package Design

Packaging design is something I work with on a daily basis. My current role is with a textile company, so I mostly work on packaging home linens such as bed skirts, shams, weighted blankets, curtains, and more. The image to the right is a composite of just a few of the packages I've created. Feel free to contact me if you'd like to see more.


Digital Illustration

In my free time and, occasionally, in my professional capacity, I work as a digital illustrator. It's a passion that I discovered in college - a modern take on my lifelong hobby of drawing. The image to the right is just a few of my digital drawings. I'm always happy to share more and am open to working freelance for the right project. Please contact me if you'd like to see more of my work or have an interest in working together.

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